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J. P. Morgan Building

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(Photos by Bald Punk – click twice to fully enlarge) I remember years ago going to this great bar in the building at 14 Wall Street(one photo below). It was on the 31st floor and used to be J.P. Morgan’s apartment. He was the Bill Gates of his day. I think the bar was also a French restaurant. It’s since gone […]

Corner of Wall, Pearl, and Beaver

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   (Photos by Bald Punk) Most of these photos I took at the corner of Wall, Pearl, and Beaver Streets. I guess you wouldn’t really call it a corner, a junction maybe . . . Because of this blog I love taking photos. When I’m trying to find the right angles I sometimes feel like I’m breaking a […]

Walk with Bald Punk up Broadway to Canal Street

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(Broadway by Bowling Green. It’s right up the block from South Ferry) Are you busy? Can you come with me? I got out of work early and have my camera with me. My idea is to take pictures the entire length of Broadway. When I see something that catches my eye — “SNAP!” << CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE PICTURES. […]

Answers to Some of Your Emails

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 (J. P Morgan Building, 60 Wall Street –  Photo by Bald Punk)  First, thanks to everyone for stopping by. I’ve been doing this blog for a little over a month and am now getting as many as 200 unique visitors per day. Plus Google just gave me a P1 page ranking, which I’m told is good […]