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Go and buy Tuba Skinny’s new album!!!

January 19, 2011 by  
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(Photo courtesy Tuba Skinny) I just got this email from the good folks at Tuba Skinny:   Howdy y’all,   Hope this new year finds you well.  We are excited to announce that our 3rd and most recent album, Garbage Man, is finished and ready to be released.  We recorded it this past fall in an […]

Music: Tuba Skinny’s Website

June 7, 2010 by  
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(Snapshot of Tuba Skinny’s website) So, the band Tuba Skinny finally has a website. Over a year ago I put up my first TS post, which mentioned their need to be online. On their new site I noticed two of my pics of the band from Washington Square Park. See them bottom links for the photos. Tuba Skinny plays traditional dixieland […]

Video: Tuba Skinny and His Tiny Men

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(Tuba Skinny and His Tiny Men busking on Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn) My buddy Alberto Modino just saw Tubby Skinny in León, Spain. He said they are touring the country on bikes. Right now they are my favorite band of all time. It just stinks that they are so darn elusive. No website, no iTunes, no Facebook page that […]