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The Empress

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(Helen Jewett – upscale New York City prostitute – Photoshopped by Joe) Who would have ever guessed that a temple to Aphrodite was on the corner of Bridge and Nassau streets. I thought the three of us were headed into the bowling saloon next door, where through the nearly closed blinds of a third-floor window I […]


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(Pablo Picasso – The Guitar Player, 1910) There is a place with nothing to see, save these ineffable shapes that vanish when I look too hard. Sometimes when I’m there and it’s real quiet, I think about those shapes and how I want to describe them, and then the words come. ~ My lady friend(LF) sat down at the kitchen […]

The Demolition Man’s Secret

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(*Homes in Queens) At 96th Street in Manhattan, I jumped on a downtown subway line. A duffle bag of clothes was slung from one shoulder, and I had a laptop bag on the other. There were plenty of places for me to go. But I didn’t want to explain the clothes and the need for a bed […]

Empty Spaces

(Scrappy Doodles – Photos by Joe) My gloved hand along with a red leash was outstretched to Scrappy D, who had led the way into the northeast corner of Central Park. Splayed out in front of us was the Harlem Meer. Ice had started to form on the lake’s still waters. The sun beamed just above the buildings on Fifth Avenue, and yellow rays spread through gray clouds. […]

An End To All Days

December 6, 2010 by  
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(Enhanced photo of the succubus in my bed‏ by Joe) Cool air slipped between the sheets. The bed creaked, and an airy body peeled away from my side. Steps sounded on the hardwood floor. They were the barest of whispers as was the closing of the closet door. In a near dream state, it took a moment to wake. Bright streaks of light rushed to the back […]

Photo of the succubus in my bed‏

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I woke up early this morning and took photos of my bed for the next story post titled, “An End To All Days.” I’ve actually been exiled from my bedroom, hence, it’s actually not my regular bed. None of the pics were great, and I chose one, hoping to play with it in Photoshop. For the most part, the pics […]