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Demon Hunting

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(“Dredging for Oysters” Prince’s Bay, NY, 1855 – Ballou’s Pictorial/Photoshopped by Joe) Jack steered the oyster sloop away from the South Brooklyn wharves where ice had begun to form, bearing to the Narrows strait that flowed between Brooklyn and Staten Island. In an effort to masquerade as river pirates, and because Jack liked fine clothes, the three of […] meets

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(St. Andrew’s Cemetery in Richmondtown, Staten Island – Photo by Joe) Lately I’ve been thinking about making some changes in the direction of Bald Punk. The stories section will continue unabated. The Photos and Everything Else pages will change somewhat. I think I’m going to try and focus more on paranormal NYC. Today I registered the domain It […]

Staten Island Girls – Musical Spoof

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(Staten Island Girls – Remix Spoof) I have always said Staten Island is a crazy place. Well, here is a cute little spoof on Staten Island girls. The girl singing is named Tara Mooney. In the below photo she is at the left. Here is my first series of stories set in Staten Island.  Seventh Episode […]

Upper NY Bay & Narrows from Staten Island

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(Photos by Joe) These photos were from the end of Hylan Boulevard past Bay Street by the Alice Austen House.   Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

St Paul’s / Alba House in Staten Island

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(Alba House – Photos by Joe) St. Paul’s design looks like it was inspired by the utilitarian, concrete buildings from the heyday of the old Soviet Union. It is located at 2187 Victory Blvd in Staten Island. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Mount Loretto in Staten Island

April 6, 2010 by  
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 (Photos by Bald Punk) The church is called Saint Joachim and Anne. The grounds are known as Mount Loretto, which was an orphanage founded by Father John Christopher Drumgoole in 1871.  When I was driving out of the compound, I decided to jump out of the car and photograph a flock of Canadian Geese on the lawn. See at the […]


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(Rear of St. Andrew’s Church, Staten Island – Photos by Bald Punk) I was in the graveyard of old St. Andrew’s Church to take some photos. A broad shouldered man was also there taking photos. He was far enough away so that I could politely ignore him. When I next looked up from the stones, he was a dozen feet from me and coming closer. I blinked […]

Richmond Town in Staten Island

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(Dunn’s Mill & Mill Pond Reconstruction – Photos by Bald Punk) I took these photos on the same day I took the storm photos that are linked below. There are a lot more buildings in Richmond Town that I need to get back someday to photograph. Now that I think about it, this is the […]

Church of St Andrew’s – Staten Island

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 (Church of St. Andrew’s in Richmond Town – Photos by Bald Punk) St. Andrew’s is such a beautiful church. Plus the setting is truly idyllic. Related Photos: Richmond Town in Staten Island Storm Damage in Staten Island A Few Winter Photos – Richmond Town Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Inside Me

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(Rockland Ave in Staten Island – Photos by Bald Punk) A violent storm two days ago had felled trees, power lines, and left many streets throughout NYC still closed. Driving in Staten Island to a job estimate, I exited the highway and soon after rolled into a traffic jam on Rockland Avenue. It’s a two lane road enshrouded […]

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