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BP’s Short Stories and Novel Excerpt

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Okay, as my readers know we’re coming up on a year online at BaldPunk.com. So I’m doing a little retrospective. If you missed it, here is some fiction I posted that was written for venues other than this site. Short Stories THE SOUNDS WE MAKE  – This one was written to help clear my head after DARK CHILD, which is below. Dark […]

Bald Punk on Writing 101

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(Bald Punk) The other day I gave a pep talk to someone who had started her first book. Long story short, I dug through my files and found this article I wrote years ago. The voice sounds corny, but I still like it. Keep in mind that I’m no expert on writing. So take this advice on the “left hand side.” […]


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Click on this link to read a short story I wrote titled NO MORE FAIRY TALES. Please keep in mind that the story is rated NC-17. Props to Matt Mizerek who did an amazing job with the artwork. —- Other fiction I posted here: DARK CHILD (Short Story) THE SOUNDS WE MAKE (Short Story) THE VIRGIN KING (Three Chapters of […]

Hemingway on the Brain

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(Portrait painted by Peter Engels) Everybody at one time or another hears a song and it repeats in their head throughout the day. I experienced the same phenomenon, yet it was a piece of writing that took to me. Yesterday morning in the bathroom I read Hemingway’s short story, THE END OF SOMETHING. Its words and meaning […]

How to Structure a Short Story

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 (Photo – Ernest Hemingway hard at work) So far on my blog I’ve posted two short stories, DARK CHILD and THE SOUNDS WE MAKE, along with the first three chapters from a book I also wrote called THE VIRGIN KING. Right now I’m working on a humongous novel that’s bigger than big. It stretches from […]

Super Special Post = Short Story

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So that’s what the Super Special Post is all about. A short story. I hope you aren’t let down. You’ll have to read it and see. I showed the story to my lady friend a while back. She didn’t say anything, but her eyes were puffy and red. Maybe she hated it so much it […]

Super Special Post

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I’m planning on posting something real special this weekend. I hope you’re going to like it. First I have to find the right picture(s) to go with it. I’ll tell you more about it in my next post. But to give you a taste, this is one of the possible pics. (Photoshopped pic of a […]