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(Atlantic Ocean from Rockaway Beach – Daguerreotype by Joe) Only moments had passed since I reached the beach, having jumped over the side of a ghost ship and swam to save what was left of my life. I collapsed in the wet sand and focused on the sky with some trepidation. Burning bright colors began […]

The Demolition Man’s Secret

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(*Homes in Queens) At 96th Street in Manhattan, I jumped on a downtown subway line. A duffle bag of clothes was slung from one shoulder, and I had a laptop bag on the other. There were plenty of places for me to go. But I didn’t want to explain the clothes and the need for a bed […] meets

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(St. Andrew’s Cemetery in Richmondtown, Staten Island – Photo by Joe) Lately I’ve been thinking about making some changes in the direction of Bald Punk. The stories section will continue unabated. The Photos and Everything Else pages will change somewhat. I think I’m going to try and focus more on paranormal NYC. Today I registered the domain It […]

Blue Mango “Live” at Manny’s Bake Shop

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  (Blue Mango performs Shania Twain’s “Man I Feel Like a Woman”) I saw my friend Sal’s (guitar) band last night at Manny’s Bake Shop in Queens. They played covers along with a few Filipino songs. They were very good. The lead singer’s name is Bessie. She has a fantastic voice and really has a great […]

Death of a Vampire (or A Door Opens To A Dark Room)

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(My work truck out front a Brooklyn jobsite – Photo by Joe) On the subway back to Manhattan I sat with a vacant expression. I was dog tired from a long day at a thankless job. I do demolition, which is miserable work. It’s especially bad when you have to gut the interior of an old walk-up, where […]

To Kill A Vampire

(View from South Street Seaport Mall, 3rd floor – Photos by Joe) Twenty minutes had passed since I sat down with a decent cup of Joe and turned on my laptop. I was outside on the third floor deck of the South Street Seaport Mall. Just upriver was the much marveled Brooklyn Bridge. Not far […]

The Price Of Knowing

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(Calvary Cemetery – Photo by Joe) We were at a cemetery late one evening last week and Benny, “the cigar store Indian,” had stopped to talk with an old woman whose name was Margaret. She was at the grave site of her husband and son. She said her son Robert, dead over twenty-five years, was a vampire. Now I’ve seen many odd creatures […]

The Hunger

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It was late last Saturday afternoon, and we were headed for a Polish Easter Eve celebration in Greenpoint. It was to be a night of great food, good beer, and soulful Eastern European celebrants. My lady friend(LF) and I along with the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts) headed out of our apartment building in Upper Manhattan. We […]

Northern Boulevard in Queens

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(Photos by Bald Punk) I bet if you search the Internet this post right here is the only one devoted to photos of Northern Boulevard. I wish I would have taken more, but I didn’t know the boulevard would be a subject. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Udalls Cove in Douglaston, Queens

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 (Photos by Bald Punk) Udalls Cove is a 90-acre wildlife sanctuary. It’s an inlet of Little Neck Bay, in between the Douglaston and Great Neck peninsulas. In photo #10 — beyond the goose and soccer goal post is the Long Island Sound and on the horizon is Connecticut . Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

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