Thursday, May 13, 2021

Milk Toast

(Wavertree sailing ship/South Street Seaport, NYC – Photos by Joe) At South Street Seaport to meet my friends, I was aware a tall white guy had tailed me since I came out of the Fulton Street subway station that was a four block walk. Just to be certain, I moved away from the sparse, early evening crowd […]

St Paul’s / Alba House in Staten Island

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(Alba House – Photos by Joe) St. Paul’s design looks like it was inspired by the utilitarian, concrete buildings from the heyday of the old Soviet Union. It is located at 2187 Victory Blvd in Staten Island. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

7th Avenue South in West Village

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(Photos by Joe) I wanted to get something up so here ya’ go. Of note, when I was a freshman in high school many moons ago, me and two of my friends cut school in Staten Island and went into the Village. It was the first time we ever did somthing like that–go into the big, […]

Lower Manhattan & Statue of Liberty from Staten Island Ferry

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(Photos by Joe) I’m surprised that I don’t already have a set of photos like these from the Staten Island Ferry. Though oddly, knowing I’m always in need of photos for this site, I either forget or am too lazy to take pics sometimes. Like the other day–I was sitting on the John F. Kennedy boat, admiring […]

Hubble Telescope Successor Unveiled in Battery Park

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(James Webb Space Telescope in Battery Park – Photos by Joe) NASA unveiled the James Webb Space Telescope in Battery Park. The five billion dollar telescope is set to replace the Hubble in 2014. From a few hundred feet, I had thought it was some sort of bandshell. But as I came closer, I told a friend with me that it looked […]

East 42nd Street

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(E42nd Street – Photos by Joe) These photos are just okay. I wasn’t focused. Story of my life. Related posts: Grand Central Station Photo Exposé – August/Sept. 2009 – Chrysler Building Art Deco Icon Chrysler Building Lobby and Entrance Lexington and 42nd Chrysler Building Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

To Disappear Completely

(Barrow Street, Manhattan – Photos by Joe) A stranger named Ehrie with an East European accent paid me a surprise visit on Barrow St. in the West Village. My friend Benny, “the cigar store Indian” had sent him to teach me how to “disappear.” Ehrie said it would enable me to avoid the attention of ghosts, demons, and the various paranormal phenomena in NYC. Along the narrow block Ehrie wouldn’t […]

Walking on Greenwich Ave from 6th Ave to 7th Ave S

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(Tiles For America, Greenwich Ave & 7th Ave S – Photos by Joe) Photos are in the order of my footsteps. I like the idea of snapping pics away as I walk up a street. Expect to see a lot more of these types of picture posts. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Walking up 6th Ave from W 3rd to W 9th Street

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(Photos by Joe) I was walking though the Village and took these pics. I have a bad habit of photographing-while-walking. I’m always in a rush, even when I’m out for a stroll. I have a bunch more from this set I will put up soon. For the record, 6th Avenue is also called Avenue of […]

Kings County Hospital

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(Kings County Hosptal in East Flatbush, Brooklyn – Photos by Joe) Did you know that the Army trains medical personnel at Kings County because they have such a large influx of gunshot and stabbing victims?     Source –  That’s probably why the City Morgue is located right around the block. Kings County is a massive facility. From what I can see […]

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