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Various NYC Photos

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Manhattan Civic Center) I’m running out the door and wanted to post something. So here it is. Sunday I will get up the last part in the P.T. Barnum series. If you’re wondering WTF??? Here are the posts in that series:  Episode Twenty-Four – December 2009/January 2010  Search for Scrappy D!  Barnum in […]


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(Photo by Bald Punk in front of St. Paul’s – Manhattan Municipal Building at left) On this blog I’m letting the cat out of the bag! I’m posting the best stories, legends, and secrets this City has to give!!!  What’s the difference between me and those other jokers??? Most of the stuff I post is true. Absolutely true. T. R. U. […]

Random NYC Photos

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(All photos by Bald Punk – Masonic Hall, West 24th Street – click twice to expand fully) I’m pretty excited to tell you more about Benny ‘the cigar store Indian.’ Probably tomorrow, definitely by Sunday. This coming entry will be about the time he spent working as a cigar store Indian. It involves reincarnation. It’s whacked. He’s whacked. […]