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Chapter Three: “A Glorious Death”

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(“Catcher in the rye” by Kamiyari) Chapter Three     Two hours later, Karl was still parked outside the Sisters of Charity Children’s Home. He lowered his torso as a compact green-colored car passed. Behind the wheel was a brown-skinned woman with tight curly hair. She drove by at least three times a day, though never […]

Notes on my Max Beckley novels

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(*Old Mill Road, Richmond Town – Photos by Joe) The most exciting thing about starting the novel process for me is that the impetus forms completely outside of my control. That is to say, I could never write a novel, but there’s something outside of my scope of understanding that can. In the beginning, silly, abstract thoughts form the basis for what I believe […]

Chapter Two: “In Her Arms”

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(Heaven in Her Arms-WALL by ‘vhm-alex) Chapter Two     Four people appeared in the gloom above Max’s crib. His eyes darted to the small-featured face of Father Raja, and then settled on the compassionate, lighter-brown face of the nun, Tooti. He looked deep into her eyes and wanted her to lift him so he […]

Chapter One: “God is Forgiveness”

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 (Most Holy Redeemer Church, NYC – Photo/Photoshopped by Joe)   Chapter One      Late one morning Karl became aware of a subtle change in the air. He had been sitting in a car, stationed outside a Miami orphanage. Through the back window, he spotted a taxi that had just turned onto the street. An uncanny, […]

Olde New York

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  (Ella Morton of Rocketboom talks with Manhattan Borough Historian, Michael Miscione) The above is an interesting video about the changing landscape of NYC. It’s something I’ve often wondered about, and in an unpublished novel I wrote a while back, I imagined a future in which it would come to a halt. It was just a backdrop to a […]