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Staten Island Ferry + Dredger

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(Photos by Joe) Here are a few photos of the Staten Island Ferry pulling away from Staten Island and a dredger at work in the harbor.   Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Upper NY Bay & Narrows from Staten Island

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(Photos by Joe) These photos were from the end of Hylan Boulevard past Bay Street by the Alice Austen House.   Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Lower Manhattan & Statue of Liberty from Staten Island Ferry

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(Photos by Joe) I’m surprised that I don’t already have a set of photos like these from the Staten Island Ferry. Though oddly, knowing I’m always in need of photos for this site, I either forget or am too lazy to take pics sometimes. Like the other day–I was sitting on the John F. Kennedy boat, admiring […]

Lower Manhattan from Red Hook

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(Photos by Bald Punk) Red Hook gets a bad rap, but it’s actually pretty nice in some parts. Tomorrow I will tell you more about the alleged vampire from Queens. Click here to read the first part in that episide titled THE HUNGER. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Statue of Liberty from Red Hook

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(Photos by Bald Punk) I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty. I’m embarrassed to admit that. But I’ve seen the thing so many times, basically grew up with it, that I feel I know it inside and out. Maybe it’s a part of me. :-> On another note, is coming up on its […]

Battery Park: Birds, Monuments, and NY Harbor

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Seagull with Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in background) The birds were flying around like crazy when I took these photos. There were so many chances for great photos of them swooping through the frame, yet I missed them by milliseconds. It was so bad I couldn’t even get a decent picture of […]

How Old Seven Got His Name

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(Henry Hudson lands in NYC, 1609 – steel engraving of painting by Robert Walter Weir) We had a picnic the other day in Battery Park City and enjoyed a great view of NY Harbor. Joining us was Benny “the cigar Store Indian.” He told stories about Henry Hudson’s arrival in NYC. This is the third part in that series. See the bottom of this post for the others. […]

Battery Park City

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  (Photos by Bald Punk – NY Harbor) Most of these photos were taken in Battery Park City. A handful were from Battery Park. They are identified in the url. I chose the above photo for the lead in because of the story I just posted. It’s the one in which the cigar store Indian tells us about Henry […]

The Day Henry Hudson Arrived

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(Henry Hudson’s Half Moon arrives on Hudson River by Andrew Weiss) As told to me, my lady friend, and the pizza and Chinese delivery guys in Battery Park City by Benny, “the cigar store Indian.” He believes that he’s been reincarnated . . . — “I remember my father’s face on the day Henry Hudson’s ship arrived in […]

Friday Night Music Video

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  (Video by Bald Punk – Music by U2) I pieced together some footage from our night out Friday and set it to Hands That Built America by U2. It came out pretty good. What do you think? Tomorrow I plan to post some commentary on the evening. — Here are all the posts in this series: Episode Ten – […]

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