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Coney Island Creek and Sea Gate

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(Coney Island Creek, Gravesend Bay, and Verrazano Bridge – Photos by Joe) Wow! My first photo post in over two years… I drove out to Coney Island two weeks ago to get some pics and a feel for the place. I’m working on the below story post, which is set in Coney Island in the year 1854. […]

The Siren Sings

June 7, 2012 by  
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(SS Sirius *movie still/see below – Photoshopped by Joe) It was a late winter afternoon, and the salty breeze from the East River grew colder by the moment. Jack and I were onboard the oyster sloop, about to shove off from Miller’s Landing by Fulton Ferry. We were going out on our nightly patrol, looking for signs of the steamer carrying the siren named […]

Born to Kill

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(Brooklyn Heights – 1854, Cropped/Photoshopped by Joe) The three of us ruffians sailed across the moonlit bay in a breathless huff. The two-masted brig suspected of transporting an Irish vampire gained rapidly on our sloop. We weren’t so much afraid as we were amazed. The craft’s arrival into NY Harbor seemed to trigger distant cries that we could not place and strange […]

How Old Seven Got His Name

October 10, 2009 by  
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(Henry Hudson lands in NYC, 1609 – steel engraving of painting by Robert Walter Weir) We had a picnic the other day in Battery Park City and enjoyed a great view of NY Harbor. Joining us was Benny “the cigar Store Indian.” He told stories about Henry Hudson’s arrival in NYC. This is the third part in that series. See the bottom of this post for the others. […]