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9/11 — FDNY Brothers David & Marty Fullam on CNN

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    (“Risk outweighed danger” – David and Marty Fullam, CNN) Hi all, My older brothers are profiled on CNN tonight at 9pm EST. The show is called DR. SANJAY GUPTA REPORTS: TERROR IN THE DUST. Here is more on the series: Related post: Father Mychal Judge, FDNY Chaplain. My brother Dave was interviewed for this piece on […]

I Am The Blood

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(Central Park and 5th Ave. – Photos by Joe) Barely fifteen minutes after I left the ghost of Albert Einstein, knowing not to say his name or ruminate over the encounter, I was fooled into giving his exact whereabouts. Not a second later, the demon who tricked me, raced up the 5th Avenue sidewalk next to Central Park […]

Great NYC Blog – The Newtown Pentacle

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(Snapshot of The Newtown Pentacle) The Newtown Pentacle is a really cool blog that you must check out and bookmark. At first glance it may seem to be just another photo blog, but it’s much more than that thanks to some pretty insightful and informative, if not downright funny commentary by the proprietor, Mitch Waxman. Click here to visit […]

The Ghost of Albert Einstein

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(Albert Einstein) The way Benny had explained it to me, ghosts, especially those of famous people are very rarely the person’s actual spirit. They are particles and light animated by the power of common dreams. ~ The ghost of Albert Einstein sat on a bench up the street with his back to Central Park’s wall. Hardly fifteen minutes had […]

Paranormal Embrace

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(The Ego And The ID by Franz West – Photos by Joe) “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”         Albert Einstein  ~ The door to the paranormal is wedged open upon my foot. To move away would be to lose the foot . . . Days ago on the cobbled corner of South […]

Haunted Places in NY (and throughout the World)

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(Snapshot of’s Haunted NY page) has a load of information and resources for people interested in the paranormal. Online since 1994, they have pages that document haunted places throughout the world. They also have ghost stories, many great articles, photos, a forum, and a whole lot more. << Click here to visit their Haunted NY page […] meets

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(St. Andrew’s Cemetery in Richmondtown, Staten Island – Photo by Joe) Lately I’ve been thinking about making some changes in the direction of Bald Punk. The stories section will continue unabated. The Photos and Everything Else pages will change somewhat. I think I’m going to try and focus more on paranormal NYC. Today I registered the domain It […]

See The Light

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(South Street – Photos by Joe) The five of us all gazed at a blue neon glow that was brightest by the Fish Market Restaurant on South Street. I shuffled my feet, blinked, squinted, and pretended to look real hard. Don’t know if the shuffling of the feet worked, but I did my best not to […]

Peking, Wavertree and Helen McAllister at Pier 17

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(Photos by Joe) I wanted to get up some photos of these boats docked at Pier 17. If you’ve read some of my stories, you know I spend a lot time over there.  Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Keeping Secrets

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(South Street across from The Paris Cafe – Photos by Joe) “Where your treasure is, there will your heart also be.”                       Luke 12:34   – Believe me, I don’t give away all of NYC’s secrets. Especially those associated with that block of small brick buildings on South St. between Beekman St. and Peck Slip. At one end are vacant […]

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