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Slavery in NYC

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I wanted to post something related to the newest episode. So here is a web page devoted to an exhibit titled, “Slavery in NYC.” It’s over at the New York Historical Society. Click the link to visit the page. Also, as I remember, Pete Hamill’s novel Forever has some poignant scenes that depict the harsh realities of slavery in […]

Morbid Anatomy Library in Brooklyn

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(Ella Morton of Rocketboom talks with the founder of the Morbid Anatomy Library in Brooklyn)  The Morbid Anatomy Library in Brooklyn looks like a swell place to take someone on a first date.   (Sarah Bernhardt “Asleep in Her Coffin,” 1882 – from Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS  

Lincoln in NY

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(Photo by Bald Punk – Lincoln bust at NY Historical Society)  I wanted to post something on Lincoln and NYC, given the current episode I’m working on. You can see links to those posts at the bottom. Please note that the above bust along with the below trailer are from past exhibits. I suggest you visit […]

I am MOMA!

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Hey, guess where we went Sunday??? The whole happy fam: me, my lady friend, and the pizza and Chinese delivery guys. The four of us went to . . . Give up? We went to MOMA. Museum of Modern Art. Now I’m an art connoisseur! Ha! Ha! Actually, some of the shit I saw was so […]