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 (Greek Salad – food photos uncreditted) No one goes to a diner in NYC unless you live in Staten Island and don’t know any better. I know Seinfeld did, but he went with a TV crew and George Costanza, and then made comic history. All I can think is because of that awesome show, Diners, Drive-ins […]

I Am The Night

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(Tonic East sports bar, Manhattan(original below), Photos/Photo art by Joe) That night, the darkness was disguised as light, and my kiss—was the kiss of death. While the blonde wanted my kisses, as much as I wanted to give them. She was caught in the “fantastic lie” of the light that shined brightest inside me… It was a Friday night and my […]


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(“The Hall” – Photos by Joe) The earliest signs of the change began in an apartment building in Bushwick. I was there with three co-workers, Nester, Edwin, and Kevin–to clean out the basement. Along with piles of junk strewn across the floor, we had to discard the ruined plywood flooring that was laid over two-by-fours and dirt. The […]

The Fine Art of Disappearing

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(“Disappear” – Photos/Photo Art by Joe) I told Benny, “the cigar store Indian,” about the elusive demon that whispers to me and the threat it had made on my life. He asked if there were places I usually heard its voice. I named Smith Street in Brooklyn, where the threat was made, and in Manhattan, South Street by the Seaport and a section along Lexington Avenue where […]

Rockefeller Center

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(Photos by Joe) As a kid I can remember going to Rockefeller Center during the Christmas Season. So it’s interesting to note that no matter what time of year, I can’t pass through here without picturing the huge tree and all the angels they set out. There are a few pics of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. That’s […]

Grand Central Station

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(Photos by Joe) Technically, Grand Central Station is Grand Central Terminal. But only people from Jersey call it the latter. Speaking of the Garden State, here is what happened the last time I went there: Eighth Episode – May/June 2009 (Bald Punk Goes to New Jersey) Bald Punk Crosses the Husdon! 40 Ounce Dreams and Katz […]

Times Square – The Cheesy Heyday

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(Times Square of approximately the 60 and 70’s  1970/*see comments)  The changes in Times Square over the past twenty years have been pretty miraculous. I would hate to imagine the impact it would have on the lives of New Yorkers if it was still a porn haven. The fact that MTV is on The Great White Way is […]