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  (“New York” live) There are loads of great, great punk rock bands. Sex Pistols were the best. But you know that. That’s all I have to say. I gotta go–running and screaming like a madman out into the NYC night!!!  (“New York” from Never Mind The Bollocks)   (No pic credit available – Sid Vicious and Johnny […]

The Ramones – Rockaway Beach “Live”

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I’ve only read about fifteen Stephen King novels and went to five or six Ramones concerts. I’m embarrassed by both of those stats. I remember one time when I saw The Ramones at L’amours in Brooklyn and got thrown out for one reason or another. The funny thing was that I had hardly landed on the sidewalk when the exit door […]

The Clash – Straight To Hell “Live”

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This is a fantastic version of “Straight to Hell” by The Clash. They performed it at the US Festival in Glen Helen Regional Park, CA in May 1983.  The lyrics are fantastic. Check them out at the bottom of this post. (Photo copyright Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Placebo – Running Up That Hill

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This is an awesome version of Kate Bush’s Running Up that Hill.

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