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American Horror Story

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(Legendary Bowery Gang Leader, Mose Humphrey) “The deaths are three each day. This is in the parish of Tuosist. The people are buried without coffins, frequently in the next field. (There is) no noise or sign of grief for the dead; every thought is selfish and unfeeling…” – Irish official during potato famine, 1847. – The […]

Into Darkness – Christmas Day, 1853

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   (View of Brooklyn Heights, 1849 – from digital New York Public Library) You had to be there before nightfall. These ships always came in the middle of the night, and they wanted you there earlier to wait. They wanted to watch you and the others… – Miller’s Landing was a rickety old wharf on the […]

House on the River’s Edge

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 (East River/FDR from Sutton Place Park – Photos by Joe) Tall apartment buildings on the avenue shaded the intersecting, dead end street of row homes. At the end of the street was a flagstone wall set before a high, wrought iron fence. Below street-level was the FDR Drive and just beyond was the East River, where […]

Lower Manhattan from Red Hook

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(Photos by Bald Punk) Red Hook gets a bad rap, but it’s actually pretty nice in some parts. Tomorrow I will tell you more about the alleged vampire from Queens. Click here to read the first part in that episide titled THE HUNGER. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Brooklyn Bridge Park

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(Photos by Bald Punk) The pictures were taken when I was walking to and from the new park, and are in the order of my footsteps. I hope I didn’t post too many similar shots. My favorite subject is the Brooklyn Bridge. For me, it’s like a stepping off point into the past.   Here are […]

Sutton Place Park by East River

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(Photos by Bald Punk) These photos are just okay. They look cloudy, maybe I should have wiped the lens. The sun wasn’t too strong . . . Hmmm. I probably should have shrunk them down more. I promise better in the New Year. Today my Google PageRank rose to “4.” Whatever. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Ralph Demarco Park in Astoria

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Ralph Demarco Park) In the background of a few photos you can see the Hell Gate Bridge. It’s also the name of a short straight right below the bridge. “Hell Gate” comes from the Dutch phrase, “Hellegat.” Along with “Sound River,” it was one of the original names for the East River. Those facts I didn’t look up […]

Photos of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

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(Photo by Bald Punk) Click here for all the pictures I took yesterday of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. —  I LOVE the Brooklyn Bridge. For me it’s like the “gateway” to Old New York. (Bird’s-eye view of New York – Published in 1873 by Geo. Degen, NY) << Click above picture for larger view >> Btw, the above picture […]

It Takes A Tourist

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 (Photo by Bald Punk – Nutty Tourist Wading in East River) On my lunch break I went to my favorite place in the entire world. Which, despite what I posted last night, is South Street. I’ll have more on that in the days to come. Click  here for all the pictures I took of the nutty tourist […]


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(Photo by Bald Punk – Lower Manhattan by South Street) I’m not perfect. I see homeless people on the street and think, should I give them money, pity, the cold shoulder, an evil stare that says “stay away?”  Is the way they are their fault or is it God’s, societies, bad luck or did a watershed event ruin them? Then […]

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