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Various Coney Island Photos

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(Photos by Joe) These are some pretty blah photos, but very telling all the same. Related posts: Episode Six – May 2009 (Coney Magic) Ghost Breath of Coney Island Photos: Seagulls of Coney Island Seagulls of Riis Park Coney Island Parachute Jump New Luna Park Construction & Cyclone Photos Coney Island Photos Coney Island Polar […]

Coney Island Parachute Jump

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(Photos by Joe) Here are a few photos of the Coney Island Parachute Jump. None were from the boardwalk, because the sun was too bright. There’s also a few of MCU Park, formerly Keyspan Park, where the Brooklyn Cyclones play. They are the Mets’ Single A club. There are also two pics of Abe Stark Ice Skating Rink. My high school […]

New Luna Park Construction & Cyclone Photos

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(New Luna Park Construction – Photos by Joe) I took these photos today of the new Luna Park, which they hope to open in just under four weeks on Memorial Day. They are supposedly working 24/7 to see the project to completion. There is also one photo from the boardwalk of a tract of land on Kensington Walk and Surf […]

Virtual Tour of the New Luna Park!

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I saw this virtual tour video of the NEW LUNA PARK on the Right now they are working overtime to get the park ready for this Memorial Day. The rides are being tested in Vicenza, Italy and shipped over here one piece at a time. Just kidding kiddie poohs . They are coming here in parts. Coney […]

Coney Island’s Blowhole Theater

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(The Steeplechase and the Blowhole Theater) I love this clip! To me it represents Coney Island’s zenith caught on film. If I could go back in time I’d visit with George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Jesus, Einstein, and Henry V. Miller. Then I’d zip over to Coney Island, ride the Steeplechase, and afterwards, file into the Blowhole Theater for an electric jolt by a clown and a […]