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I Am The Blood

October 19, 2010 by  
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(Central Park and 5th Ave. – Photos by Joe) Barely fifteen minutes after I left the ghost of Albert Einstein, knowing not to say his name or ruminate over the encounter, I was fooled into giving his exact whereabouts. Not a second later, the demon who tricked me, raced up the 5th Avenue sidewalk next to Central Park […]

The Ghost of Albert Einstein

October 3, 2010 by  
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(Albert Einstein) The way Benny had explained it to me, ghosts, especially those of famous people are very rarely the person’s actual spirit. They are particles and light animated by the power of common dreams. ~ The ghost of Albert Einstein sat on a bench up the street with his back to Central Park’s wall. Hardly fifteen minutes had […]

To See The Wizard

August 30, 2010 by  
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(5th Avenue and Central Park – Photos by Joe) On my dry lips was a name, one I didn’t want to utter or even think. I was afraid I might expose the being who sat blissfully on a park bench two blocks up on the 5th Avenue perimeter of Central Park. I scooted down the sidewalk […]

Einstein’s totally hardcore!

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Here I am on the couch eating a slice of cold pizza, waiting for Yankees’ batting practice to start on the boob tube. I’m also perusing thinking how I gotta work on the design a little (a lot!!!). Add a nice header. Maybe something with me and my lady friend in full punk regalia […]

The Einstein Equation!

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  Hair like you won’t believe. Ethics. Morals. Wives. Lovers. What is the meaning of life? One love. And Science. By Bald Punk      — Here are all the posts in this series: Third Episode – April/May 2009 (The Swine Flu/Punk Poetry) Stuck in the apartment post Saint Bald Punk here – Blogging from the […]