Friday, July 30, 2021

Joe’s Novels

Set in 2047, SURFACE IN HEAVEN follows the adventures of Maher and Jules, two would-be lovers who find out as teens that they are direct descendants of an advanced elder race known as the Sarvesarians. Born on a planet called Juniper in the Milky Way, they are cheated from experiencing the beauty and privilege of their majestic homeland that has evolved to a near heavenly state.

Soon enough the rebellious teens learn that their lives have already been mapped out. They are expected to help set neighboring worlds on the same path as their ancestral planet called Sarvesario.

When Maher discovers a powerful function shared by all solar systems, it leads to a new and better method of intergalactic travel for the Junipereans. After the discovery both teens are outed as alien beings. It is then that intergalactic authorities from a group known as Quadra, whose duty it is to prevent sharing of technology, botch an arrest of Maher and Jules.

In a fight for their lives, Jules kills one of the arresting officers. The teens then commandeer a craft and escape. A relentless chase ensues that takes them to another planet. Though soon after the two are driven apart by a mysterious illness. In the time spent apart both learn that their ultimate safety lies in fully realizing their genetic gifts.

Maher then seizes another craft, while Jules is helped by a heavenly race even more advanced than the Sarvesarians. Both arrive separately on Earth. There they battle more obstacles and the will of their own race as they try to find safety, anonymity, and each other.

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What if the famous, larger-than-life King Henry VIII didn’t die, but was sent into secret exile? What if he escaped back to England, only to be captured by his brilliant daughter Queen Elizabeth, who must decide what to do with her dangerous father, the rightful King?

THE VIRGIN KING begins seventeen years after King Henry VIII’s secret exile, just as he is preparing to send his bastard son William off to England. Faced with what appears to be their final moments together on a deserted island off the coast of Spain, Henry tells William the truth about his exploits as King. What follows is a lively and entertaining narrative that will also give the reader a feel for the paradoxical world in which they are about to enter. One that, in addition to its many colorful characters and surreal backdrop, is truly brought to life as it is seen through the eyes of William, a completely unadulterated knave whose entire worldview was shaped by the vainglorious and half-mad King.

Set in one of the most dazzling and exciting periods in England’s royal history, THE VIRGIN KING is a high-flying tale that will entertain the reader with each page. It is in no way an esoteric work. It is an ambitious novel written about two legendary figures, and although it portrays an intimate and scandalous portrait of Elizabeth, it is one that is consistent with historical data and the spirit of the times.

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