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Episode Forty-Two(see Stories) marks the beginning of audio being added to posts. Soon I plan to add video.

Joe 11/20/12

I’m starting to think of this blog-novelish blog as a sort of an online museum. Hmmm…

Joe – 7/16/12

This blog has turned into mostly a blog novel. I would imagine by now it’s over 150,000 words. To tell all I have to, it will easily take one to two million words. I hope to be writing from beyond the grave.

New readers should be able to get the gist in any post, though I would recommend starting at the beginning of an episode.

Joe – 5/25/12

I blog about the Secrets of NYC and post lots of photos.

The domains and are one in the same. After working for over a year under the latter moniker, I added the “Paranormal NYC” name because it’s the direction the blog took.

See this post: “Bald Punk and Thirsty Ghost” for an article that appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES about an encounter I had in my own apartment.

Besides my lady friend(LF), you’ll see that I often refer to the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts). That’s ’cause those two follow us everywhere we go.

Click here for a post that will give you an idea of what I’m dealing with when it comes to those two.

If it’s your first time here the best place to start is either: STORIES or PHOTOS.

As of 6/10/10 – There are over 4300 photos here. I’m just starting the 30th episode in the stories section. Most episodes are between three and five thousand words.

If you’re wondering who and what is “Bald Punk.” That’s me, Joe! My rationing was: I’m bald and I’m still a punk, so I’ll use it as my blogging name. Now it seems I’m something else . . . I’m a url. Did you read – I Am MOMA?

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