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We Are Knowing

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Alien Eye View

(Eye View – Photo by Joe)

This post is a continuation of  “New York City’s Deepest, Darkest Secret

I can’t be going around telling you how NYC works. It’s not like any place else. And I just can’t give away secrets, especially the good ones.

I’ll say this, if you ever come here and you want it to work for you, the first thing you have to know is that you gotta shut your mouth. Shut your pie hole. You got that.

Things happen here like no place else.

Listen, I’ve seen a lotta stuff! Stuff I don’t wanna admit to, but since I told you about “the jogger,” and that there were others like him . . .

I’ve crossed a line. El hombre no puede volver. I can’t go back.

I’m not using the wordalien.” I’m not. I used it already.

–To tell you this means I’m giving up a piece of myself. I am no longer true.

You need to understand, NYC begins and ends with people who can hold a secret. That’s a real New Yorker, by the way!

Maybe you’ve met one.

We smile and we make nice, but you know there’s something behind our eyes the likes of which you have never seen before. That’s right.

It’s not so much the light in our eyes, as it’s more of the look on our faces that tells you: We Are Knowing.

If you could be a fly on the wall around me and lady friend–along with the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(Yeah, them too.) for months on end, you wouldn’t catch on. We don’t talk about “it.” Or if we do, it’s quick. Lightening. Something might catch our eye, or we might have “seen” something that we need to share. Which in itself, is a slip up. We’re human.

But it’s quick. Quick.

I see someone on the street I know ain’t right, and I say, “Look,” and that’s it!

We Are Knowing.

I’m taking you to a place few New Yorkers ever would. I’m no longer true.

Don’t be stupid, don’t trust me. Not here. Not now. We’re on a fringe . . . We’re on the edge of the world. That’s where we are mofos.

I’m sweating and my lips are dry. There’s more I want to say. I will.

Don’t come back here for more, unless you know how to shut your mouth. I’m sorry to be so straight forward. That’s the way it is here in NYC.


Bald Punk

P.S. If we ever meet, I’ll deny every word. Especially those that I’m going to tell you in the next few days.

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