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My E-Book is on

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(Cover by Joe) Click here to buy my book on – THE VIRGIN KING by Joseph Fullam. Click on the link to read the first three chapters: THE VIRGIN KING. I will post some thoughts on THE VIRGIN KING later. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS 

Cover for my E-Book

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(The Virgin King E-book cover) The above is my first try at a cover for my e-book that I will put up on in a week or so. I found a photo of young Henry VIII and made a few changes using Photoshop. I’m not satisfied, but it will do for the time being.  <<Click […]

Bald Punk on Writing 101

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(Bald Punk) The other day I gave a pep talk to someone who had started her first book. Long story short, I dug through my files and found this article I wrote years ago. The voice sounds corny, but I still like it. Keep in mind that I’m no expert on writing. So take this advice on the “left hand side.” […]

Search for Scrappy D!

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Scrappy D) Seated on the couch, I craned my neck at the sounds of my friends outside the apartment door. They had returned from walking my dog, Scrappy D. I anticipated the little guy darting into the room and springing into my arms. He is one of the smartest dogs, probably of all time. Whenever […]

Bigger than The Babe

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(Babe Ruth at bat) We were parked on River Avenue in the shadow of the new Yankee Stadium. Scrappy D had his hind legs on my thigh, and his snout was against the window. I ran my fingers up and down his back. Sitting next to me, my lady friend(LF) hoped her sister wouldn’t be […]

“It’s always Ruth!”

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Yankee Stadium) From the peak of the large hill on Morningside Drive in upper Manhattan, I had heard what sounded like a bat hitting a ball and the roar of a crowd. All I knew was that it was coming from far off . . . Twenty minutes later we […]

Daydreaming on Morningside Drive

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Morningside Drive and Park, Manhattan) The other day I was walking Scrappy Doodles on Morningside Drive, daydreaming that I was a musical prodigy. I saw myself onstage at the Central Park bandshell. My bulky frame was hunched over a miniature piano. I played the “Linus and Lucy theme” from Charlie Brown. My thin fingers glided effortlessly […]

Just A Car Ride To Staten Island

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(Photo by Bald Punk – Photo from Wagner College, Staten Island) Me, my lady friend(LF), Scrappy D, the pizza and Chinese delivery guys, along with Benny, “the cigar store Indian,”  are on our way to Sandy Ground, Staten Island. We are searching for the ghost of a slave named Hardy. He’s the only one who knows the […]

How Old Seven Got His Name

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(Henry Hudson lands in NYC, 1609 – steel engraving of painting by Robert Walter Weir) We had a picnic the other day in Battery Park City and enjoyed a great view of NY Harbor. Joining us was Benny “the cigar Store Indian.” He told stories about Henry Hudson’s arrival in NYC. This is the third part in that series. See the bottom of this post for the others. […]

Old Seven sailed over with Hudson

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(Replica of Henry Hudson’s Half Moon/Halve Maen – uncredited) “Some say he came over with Columbus,” said Benny, “the cigar Store Indian,” who is an old man with a slight build and boyish face. He shook his head.“Columbus didn’t know where he was going. He wouldn’t have taken such a chance. No. He came over with Hudson. I […]

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