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Slavery in NYC

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I wanted to post something related to the newest episode. So here is a web page devoted to an exhibit titled, “Slavery in NYC.” It’s over at the New York Historical Society. Click the link to visit the page. Also, as I remember, Pete Hamill’s novel Forever has some poignant scenes that depict the harsh realities of slavery in […]

Slavery and NYC

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   (New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War) My next episode will feature the ghost of a slave called Hardy. So I decided to post something on slavery and NYC. Here are my other posts in which Hardy is mentioned. Episode Nineteen – October 2009 Expedition to Sandy Ground, Staten Island Historical Sandy Ground Just […]

Lincoln Exhibition opens at NY Historical Society

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  (Photos by Bald Punk – Abe Lincoln bust at NY Historical Society – click twice to fully enlarge) The Lincoln and New York exhibition will run from October 9th to March 25th at the New York Historical Society.  If you’re going, make sure to check their website at I’ve only been inside the Historical Society […]