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Craft Spells – “Party Talk” video

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  This song is so cool.  (Craft Spells – official photo) Here are my STORIES and info on my Novels

Pierce Turner – “Wicklow Hills” Music Video

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 (Wicklow Hills video) I just put up one of my novels on Amazon. It’s an e-Book titled SURFACE IN HEAVEN. The title comes from a fantastic song by Pierce Turner. I wish I could have found a version of the song to post, but for now you can enjoy Wicklow Hills. Click here to go to Pierce Turner on […]

Staten Island Girls – Musical Spoof

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(Staten Island Girls – Remix Spoof) I have always said Staten Island is a crazy place. Well, here is a cute little spoof on Staten Island girls. The girl singing is named Tara Mooney. In the below photo she is at the left. Here is my first series of stories set in Staten Island.  Seventh Episode […]

River to River Festival

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(Snapshot of If you’re looking for some good cheap fun in NYC, then you must visit They sponsor loads of free concerts mainly at South Street Seaport, and on their site also list many other great events happening in Lower Manhattan. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Forces of Heaven and Hell . . .

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Birds Leaving Tompkins Square Park) I can’t get the eyes of a demon named Old Seven out of my head. At all hours of the day and night, I can see him staring at me from Avenue A in the East Village. I confided in a clairvoyant known as Benny, […]

The Eyes on Avenue A

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At night on the streets of NYC I’ve been hearing ghostly music. It usually doesn’t rise above the typical city noise. The music is mostly that of a solo piano, brass or stringed instrument. When I pay attention, I find myself envisioning a lonely ghost in a back alley, honing his craft. If I had any fears over the music, it’s only for my sanity. Then one night out with […]

So It Is Written by Savage Republic

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I love the sound of this band. It’s very unique. It’s called tribal-industrial-art-punk. “So It Is Written” is from the album, Jamahiriya. I have one of the original pressings on vinyl. I included another great song by Savage Republic in this story post: That Damned South Street! Check out their wesbite: Savage Republic Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Matisyahu ‘One Day’ Video

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(Matisyahu – “One Day”) This is a fantastic song. Great video, too. It was shot on the Williamsburg Bridge. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS


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As a rule I avoid talking to strangers, and my guard goes up when they talk to me. The most an interloper will get out of muah is a furrowed brow or at best, a grumble. Yesterday, I not only broke my rule, I initiated a conversation. And now I find myself unable to get the stranger’s […]

Redesigning the Site

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(Video I took months ago) First, the above video had 8,699 views on YouTube. I’m shocked. I took that video about a day after I bought my camera. I have to take some more videos. It’s been months since I posted one. Now as for the site design. I’m real excited about this one because […]

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