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First Presbyterian Church in Greenwich Village

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(Photos by Bald Punk – First Presbyterian Church at 12th Street & 5th Ave) It was freezing when I snapped these photos. I had a hat but no gloves, so basically took them with my hands in my pockets. When it’s cold in NYC, it’s fra-eeeee-zing!!! That’s ’cause we like to take things here to the extreme. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Tuba Skinny And His Tiny Men – Tishimingo Blues

July 2, 2009 by  
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(Photo by Bald Punk) I discovered Tuba Skinny and His Tiny Men over a month ago in Washington Square Park. They were awesome. I’m their biggest fan. They were selling cds, but I was broke. If anyone knows where I can buy a cd or where they are playing, lemmie know?   They should have a website, because […]

My Friend Rockhead Dancing Like A Nut

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 (Video by Bald Punk)   This is a video of my friend Rockhead dancing at McSorley’s Ale House on Friday. He’s wacky, RIGHT! You gotta see, he’s always laughing and doing crazy stuff. Check out the shirt he has on. It’s one of those shirts I told you about that makes your eyes go bonkers and […]

Tuba Skinny and His Tiny Men

May 15, 2009 by  
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We spent this glorious NYC evening chilling in Washington Square Park. It’s mofo central. We saw the band Tuba Skinny and His Tiny Men. They were da’ bomb. Right now we have the sound off on the Yankee game and are dancing like nuts to their video. Check it out below. It’s from New Orleans.    See Easy Site Navigation if […]

Nice Post about the Pizza and Chinese Delivery Guys

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  Sorry I couldn’t post last night! But it was whacked!!! And you know what, I left out the most important part of my lady friend’s gauntlet. Not only do I have to post something nice about the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts), but it has to come from the heart. Oh, she […]

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