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Battle of Brooklyn

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(PBS special on the American Revolution – Chapter 4: “The Battle for Long Island”) It’s pretty darn shocking how many life long New Yorkers have no idea about the Battle of Brooklyn, which back then was also referred to as Long Island. If you’re one of them, watch the videos to gain some insight. In the first […]

George Washington’s Farewell Address

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In the video Senator Mike Johanns delivers George Washington’s farewell address. The language is a bit tough to follow, but it’s still one of the most amazing documents in American History. Both James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, the two brightest Founders, helped him write it.     Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS


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Being in the right place is important: mind, body, soul, and location. It’s not a guarantee of fame and fortune or riches–but doors will open, good and bad. For some, like the homeless man in LIFE IN TWO HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES, he was at the right “place.” Near perfect in one sense, and in […]