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(Atlantic Ocean from Rockaway Beach – Daguerreotype by Joe) Only moments had passed since I reached the beach, having jumped over the side of a ghost ship and swam to save what was left of my life. I collapsed in the wet sand and focused on the sky with some trepidation. Burning bright colors began […]

All Hail The Beast

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(“Cold” by Joe) Dawn is the time for demonic creatures to crawl back into the shadows. And as that first dawn came after my soul had been stained by the demonic blood of both Black Sullivan and Toren the Bloody, for me, it was a time to die…   At the instant the new sun […]

Surviving the Night

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(Rose and Crown Tavern in New Dorp, 1665-1854 – Photoshopped by Joe – *Orig. below) I was roaring drunk as Minna pulled me by the hand through the crowded tavern. Along with the proprietor and his wife behind the bar, we were the only ones in motion. Yet quick-moving shadows peeled up and kept disappearing from the walls. I was looking about for the source, […]

I Am The Fire

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(Center Street in Richmond Town – Photo/photoshopped by Joe) With some trepidation of never seeing our fine oyster sloop again, we left it tied to a makeshift pier in New Dorp Beach and set out on a horse-drawn cart Jack had sent for prior to our coming to Staten Island. We headed along a wooded road surrounded by farmland that ran straight up […]

My Blood Is Your Blood (Hear The Beast!)

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(Image is uncredited – Photoshopped by Joe) May 1854 – New Dorp Beach. In the same spot by the water, where I had just seen a horned creature surrounded by a blood-red mist, there now stood an old man. He was staring out across the clear bay. A lump on his right shoulder seemed to place a great weight on his back […]

Ease Her Fear

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(Exorcist movie still to set the tone) “You’re friends with the devil!” my lady friend(LF) screamed at me after I confessed to a chance meeting with Mr. Clack. The nub of fat under her chin jiggled when she yelled. Her face blushed. My gaze lingered on the TV. Another great episode of Yankees Encore was on. I hoped to pay […]