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The Light of God

September 25, 2012 by  
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(Catholic Priest from 1850s. Photoshopped: *see below for orig./credit) He hadn’t been drunk the first time I met him. He had a bit of gin in him, that’s all. And he was not an itinerant worker. He was a priest. It was his look that fooled me, not quite that of a souse, more of a man […]

St Elias Church – For Sale!

November 29, 2009 by  
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(Photos by Bald Punk – St Elias of Greenpoint, Brooklyn) It was pretty sad to see this church was for sale. Hopefully it won’t be turned into a club or something other than a place of worship. As a youngin the club I went to the most was Limelight on Sixth Ave and 20th Street in NYC. […]

Eglise de Notre Dame

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Click twice to fully enlarge) I took these pics of Eglise de Notre Dame on the same day I took those of the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. Notre Dame is on Morningside Drive and West 114th Street. Of the churches I’ve been inside in NYC, it’s one of […]