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Great NYC Blog – The Newtown Pentacle

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(Snapshot of The Newtown Pentacle) The Newtown Pentacle is a really cool blog that you must check out and bookmark. At first glance it may seem to be just another photo blog, but it’s much more than that thanks to some pretty insightful and informative, if not downright funny commentary by the proprietor, Mitch Waxman. Click here to visit […]

Blog: Big Apple Strolling Guide

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 (Snapshot of On the site “Walking Off The Big Apple,” blogger Teri Tynes has created a rather interesting strolling guide through NYC. Her walks tend to be literature, music, arts, and cinema focused with lots of ruminations on her subject matter. What’s great about her guide is that many of the walks will appeal to lifelong New Yorkers as well as tourists. I highly recommend […]

TaxiGourmet – Cabbie’s steer way to good eats

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  (Screenshot of Once a week blogger Layne Mosler jumps into a cab and asks the driver to take her to his or hers favorite restaurant. Layne then blogs about the entire experience on his site, By the great reviews of her blog, it really seems to be a big hit. Can a television […]

Gothamist – NYC’s Most Popular Blog

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(Screenshot of Of the blogs focused on NYC news, arts, entertainment, food, politics, etc., “ is the Broadway of the blogosphere.” If you’re looking for what’s going-on in the Big Apple, it’s probably the best place to start. The blog format makes it easy to skim over the articles to find stories of interest. << Click here to […]


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Filed under Stories’s Technorati blog rank is number: 4,813,346. That number is so not punk rock. I feel like I’m part of the National deficit. I need a blog bailout. This is bad. So bad that I need to ditch my punk strut and emulated the pols. I need to reach out across the aisle. I need […]

What you will find on

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I’m posting about some of the things me and my lady friend do in our hometown of New York City. You’ll see that I often refer to the pizza and Chinese delivery guys. That’s cause those two follow us everywhere we go. I don’t know why they do, but my lady friend doesn’t like it when I […]