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(Atlantic Ocean from Rockaway Beach – Daguerreotype by Joe) Only moments had passed since I reached the beach, having jumped over the side of a ghost ship and swam to save what was left of my life. I collapsed in the wet sand and focused on the sky with some trepidation. Burning bright colors began […]

Various Coney Island Photos

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(Photos by Joe) These are some pretty blah photos, but very telling all the same. Related posts: Episode Six – May 2009 (Coney Magic) Ghost Breath of Coney Island Photos: Seagulls of Coney Island Seagulls of Riis Park Coney Island Parachute Jump New Luna Park Construction & Cyclone Photos Coney Island Photos Coney Island Polar […]

Coney Island Photos

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(*Photo by Bald Punk) << Click here for photos that I took at Coney Island last May >>   Here’s what happened that day:  Ghost Breath of Coney Island —- I will have more of Episode Fourteen soon. So far it includes the below three posts.         New York City’s Deepest, Darkest Secret         Secrets         We Are Knowing […]

40 Ounce Dreams and Katz’s Delicatessen Wishes!

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 (Awesome home – uncredited) (Continued from Bald Punk Crosses the Hudson) This is Bald Punk reporting live from the Italian Rivera here in sunny Belmar, N-J! We all got our shirts off and are chillin’ poolside. “Yo! How U doin’!!!” This place is totally whacked! I’m here with my lady friend(LF) and the pizza and […]

Bald Punk Goes To New Jersey!!!

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(Wildwood, NJ – Morey’s Piers – uncredited) I’m going to New Jersey!!! Yes, you heard that right. I’m going on vacation there tomorrow. Probably be there the whole weekend. I’m pretty excited, even though it is New Jersey, after all. But I gotta go. The pizza guy is all limping around and shit. My lady friend thinks we should take […]

Ghost Breath of Coney Island

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On Monday, the whole fam (me, my lady friend, and the pizza and Chinese delivery guys who are aka num and nuts) went to the rides at Coney Island. It was a gorgeous sunny day, a perfect day for family fun. We got off the D train at Stillwell Avenue. The station is a nice European-style […]

Coney Island Fun!

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I’m real excited to tell you about our trip to Coney Island yesterday. I’m gonna either post it late tonight or tomorrow. I took a lot of pictures and hope to plug them in wherever I can. << Click here for more photos I took at Coney Island that day >>   — Here are all the posts in this […]