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Photoshop Art

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(Gramercy Park apartment – Photo by Joe) In the story post, The Fine Art of Disappearing, I Photoshopped the above pic. See how it turned out below if you haven’t seen it. I took the photo last Saturday night, whilst I was bouncing from bar to bar. It was a crazy night. I went to only places […]

Artist Scott LoBaido

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I was going to stick the two pictures here in a post of Smith Street photos, but decided Scott LoBaido needed a post all to himself. I’ve seen Scott’s artwork all over NYC. He’s done some really fantastic stuff. <<Click here to visit Scott’s website>>  (Smith Street mural by Scott LoBaido – Photos by Joe)   Here […]

Street Art – Inflatable Bag Monsters vs. The Jumper

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The video shows Joshua Allen Harris’ Inflatable Bag Monsters that he displays over subway sidewalk vents. They rise with the gushes of air. Now this I really, really like. It’s very creative and fun. (Uncredited – Harris’ Inflatable Bag Monster) Below is a video of British artist Antony Gormley’s statues that have been placed throughout NYC of late. Usually they […]

Chrysler Building

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(Photos by Bald Punk – click twice to fully enlarge) Here are the other posts in the Chrysler Building series:     Art Deco Icon     Chrysler Building Lobby and Entrance     Lexington and 42nd  In the series below, I didn’t want to put up so many similar photos, but I did anyway. Whatever.   See Easy […]

I am MOMA!

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Hey, guess where we went Sunday??? The whole happy fam: me, my lady friend, and the pizza and Chinese delivery guys. The four of us went to . . . Give up? We went to MOMA. Museum of Modern Art. Now I’m an art connoisseur! Ha! Ha! Actually, some of the shit I saw was so […]