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Of The Beast

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(“Passage of the troops to Long Island” (actually to Gravesend, Bklyn) in 1776, NYPL digital collection) Gray clouds roiled over the darkened Brooklyn shoreline. Every few seconds sunburst colors flashed out through the clouds toward our sloop on the choppy Narrows. I couldn’t hear properly, but each colorful burst produced a thud in my chest. I knew it was cannon fire. The balls were surely raining down over Brooklyn. Aided […]

Vessels Of The Night

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(Rossville Boatyard – Photo/shopped by Joe) It was a two mile walk from the party, until we came off the road across from a nightclub fronted by sleek cars and loud patrons. I followed Benny, “the cigar store Indian,” down through an abandoned cemetery and along a trail sided by cattails, toward the placid Arthur Kill. It was lit by the moon and stars and lights from […]

Notes on my Max Beckley novels

September 6, 2011 by  
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(*Old Mill Road, Richmond Town – Photos by Joe) The most exciting thing about starting the novel process for me is that the impetus forms completely outside of my control. That is to say, I could never write a novel, but there’s something outside of my scope of understanding that can. In the beginning, silly, abstract thoughts form the basis for what I believe […]

Chapter One: “God is Forgiveness”

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 (Most Holy Redeemer Church, NYC – Photo/Photoshopped by Joe)   Chapter One      Late one morning Karl became aware of a subtle change in the air. He had been sitting in a car, stationed outside a Miami orphanage. Through the back window, he spotted a taxi that had just turned onto the street. An uncanny, […]

Max’s Story

August 30, 2011 by  
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(Max Beckley – Uncredited picture Photoshopped by Joe) For way too long I’ve been yakking about how I wrote two books about Max Beckley’s plight. He’s a Revolutionary War soldier who was abducted during the Battle of Brooklyn by the same demons that haunt me now. I’m gonna share the first few chapters of the first novel. They are still a bit rough. The working […]


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(Rear of St. Andrew’s Church, Staten Island – Photos by Bald Punk) I was in the graveyard of old St. Andrew’s Church to take some photos. A broad shouldered man was also there taking photos. He was far enough away so that I could politely ignore him. When I next looked up from the stones, he was a dozen feet from me and coming closer. I blinked […]

Inside Me

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(Rockland Ave in Staten Island – Photos by Bald Punk) A violent storm two days ago had felled trees, power lines, and left many streets throughout NYC still closed. Driving in Staten Island to a job estimate, I exited the highway and soon after rolled into a traffic jam on Rockland Avenue. It’s a two lane road enshrouded […]

Battle of Brooklyn

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(PBS special on the American Revolution – Chapter 4: “The Battle for Long Island”) It’s pretty darn shocking how many life long New Yorkers have no idea about the Battle of Brooklyn, which back then was also referred to as Long Island. If you’re one of them, watch the videos to gain some insight. In the first […]

The Rush Is Over

September 28, 2009 by  
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(Photo by Bald Punk – Old Stone House, South Brooklyn) For the first and hopefully last time, the other day I met a man who called himself the Memory Giver. It’s a silly way to refer to oneself. Though true to his name, he did something to me, and now I can recall a scene that is frighteningly real, […]

Maryland 400 Monument & Prospect Park

September 20, 2009 by  
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(Photos by Bald Punk – Click twice to fully enlarge) In August I took photos at the Old Stone House and Prospect Park. I went searching for the Maryland 400 Monument and couldn’t find it. I went back today. Last time I was in Prospect Park I had asked a Park Ranger where the monument was […]