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Dreaming of Lincoln

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(Abraham Lincoln) I met this kid who looked like Abraham Lincoln. I’m still referring to him as a kid even though he was a junior in college and 6’4.” Fresh-faced with an uncanny presence, he said his name was Alexander and that his nickname was Buddy. I called him Alex. It wasn’t until our second […]

Lincoln in NY

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(Photo by Bald Punk – Lincoln bust at NY Historical Society)  I wanted to post something on Lincoln and NYC, given the current episode I’m working on. You can see links to those posts at the bottom. Please note that the above bust along with the below trailer are from past exhibits. I suggest you visit […]

A Stranger No More . . .

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Last weekend I met this emo kid who wasn’t so much a kid. Very tall and gaunt, with the look of a man twice his age, my guess is that he was either a college freshman or a runaway. Our conversation lasted a few minutes, and with all the spiritual activity in NYC, I should have […]

Lincoln Exhibition opens at NY Historical Society

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  (Photos by Bald Punk – Abe Lincoln bust at NY Historical Society – click twice to fully enlarge) The Lincoln and New York exhibition will run from October 9th to March 25th at the New York Historical Society.  If you’re going, make sure to check their website at I’ve only been inside the Historical Society […]