Thursday, July 7, 2022

Old Dan Tucker – The Film

(Old Dan Tucker – The Film)

Ok! Here is my first BALD PUNK Film!!! It’s for Episode 43, Part II titled Old Dan Tucker. You might think it’s just an audio story, but I’m calling it a FILM.

It’s a little rough, but over time my films will soon look really cool. I’m going Hollywood!!!

Btw, that’s me reading the story. I do my best to hide the New Yawk accent though on a few words it slipped out. But it wasn’t my fault. That’s how my friend Rockhead talks and I think years of listening to his yammering has affected muah

Speaking of New Yawk accents, me, my lady friend, and the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts) are going to Beantown this weekend for a race. We’re going there to show our support. We are also going to see the Redsox play the Indians.

Funny, but I just saw my bro-in-law Ed and he, who was wearing a Metsies T-shirt, asked if I could get him a Redsox tee. I said “NO.”

It’s kinda crazy cause I’m gonna buy beer and other stuff at Fenway, and I would buy him the T-shirt. But that would mean I would have to touch it…

I told him I’d get him a New England jersey, even one with the Brazilian QB’s name on it. He said forget it.


(Screenshot of the credits)

Update – Here is the tee I bought for Ed.


Next update: This film was originally posted on YouTube on 5-23-13. YouTube had a problem with my use of the Jim Crow picture that I think is 150 plus years old. So I reposted the video with the Voorlezer’s House photo I took.

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To be continued in Episode Forty-Four…

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