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What You Are…

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“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are…”


Bones aching, covered in dust, I opened my apartment door to find Scrappy Doodles three feet in the air and whirling in circles. I dropped my hands in defense, not having the energy to try and grab him. Lady friend(LF) was on her cell in the kitchen. The moppy heads of the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts) sprung above the back of the couch in the living room. They were watching TV. Dunno what was on, but it sure wasn’t anything a punk would watch. I headed straight to the shower, while Scrappy pounced at my feet.

Out of the shower, I opened the bathroom door to find the D-man sitting patiently. Then he barked and lunged at me. The little guy really wanted to play. But I was wiped out.

LF and num and nuts waited expectantly at the kitchen table, where they had placed bowls of pasta, a huge mofo-bowl of salad, and a plate of garlic bread. Wearing shorts and a T-shirt, I settled down to a plate of “Thursday-night pasta” and a Corona Light with a lime. I wasn’t in the mood for much conversation, though was assailed by penetrating gazes.

LF was talking about something to do with her job and I was nodding, but eating like a nut. I was sooooo hungry. I made a pasta, salad, and garlic bread sandwich and munched away. Though I kept nodding like I was really paying attention, yet was thinking how great the meal was.

“It’s after seven,” I said and lifted the Scrapster. “Wow.” I pressed my nose to his. He’s got these huge eyeballs. They brimmed with excitement and love. I drank it all in as he licked the sauce from my lips. I gave him a piece of homemade veggie meatball, and by the way he scarfed it down, he clearly couldn’t tell it wasn’t real meat.

I was on my third Corona by the time I finished the meal. I noticed num and nuts had their hair styled differently. It was combed down to their eyes. During the meal they had kept looking at me through blades of sweeping hair, then looking to LF. Something was up…

“Ever since I came in tonight, these guys have been stepping on my tail,” I said to LF, because I avoid talking directly to the pizza and Chinese delivery guys. “Besides the obvious, what’s their problem?”

“They were alive in the 1850s when you were,” LF said. “They were the Delaware Indians, the ones in the boat with the Gabe the gorilla when you went out after the siren.”

“Okay,” I said.

“They were,” she said, and num and nuts chirped in agreement, looking at me with batty eyes.

I looked down at Scrappy. He steadfastly returned my gaze, reminding me that he’s probably one of the smartest dogs you could have. That’s a fact. I held the little guy under my neck and rested my head on top of his. The AC was blowing cold, and he was warm and cuddly. “Okay,” I said. “Just because I have a cool past life, these guys have to have one too.”

“Why do you have to get like that?”

“They are just saying it because they are jealous.”

She reddened. “The arrows–”

“Bullsh-t,” I said. “I called it. BS! They are just saying they were Indians, and they were alive when I was, because it sounds cool.”

“The arrows they shot didn’t disappear into the fog.”

“Whaaaa?” I said, knowing she referred to the arrows the Indians let fly at the ghost ship in the last post.

“You misremembered.”

I was there,” I said, in throttling and whiney, Mob Wife voice.

“They were too, and they said the arrows didn’t disappear into the fog.”

Num and nuts both gave cheeky grins; the light of moonstruck ecstasy was in their eyes.

“They didn’t hit the boat,” I said, “that’s for sure.”

“No,” she said, and smirked.

“Then what did the arrows hit?”

“Nothing,” LF said. “They entered the ghost dimension. The same one that the steamship was in…”

Author’s note – I also call the pizza and Chinese delivery guys “null and void” when I really get mad at them.

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