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Chapter Three: “A Glorious Death”

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(“Catcher in the rye” by Kamiyari)

Chapter Three



Two hours later, Karl was still parked outside the Sisters of Charity Children’s Home. He lowered his torso as a compact green-colored car passed. Behind the wheel was a brown-skinned woman with tight curly hair. She drove by at least three times a day, though never once catching sight of him. Seated inside the car for five straight months, Karl not only worked to hide himself, but his vehicle, too. That day it was the shape and color of a 1992, dark blue Ford Taurus.

Karl remained crouched as a white-colored taxi pulled up in front of the building. The young couple came out of the orphanage, slinked down the stairs, and got inside the car. He had wanted to take a closer look at their faces, but as the car pulled away and he lifted his head, he was certain they would soon be back for the child.

Positioned in his vehicle so he could see the left side of the two-story white building, he focused his gaze on baby Max through the rear corner window on the upper floor. Located in the middle of six other children, he was the odd little one of the group. Unlike the other children who were bigger, brighter, and more colorful in Karl’s extrasensory vision, Max’s flame rose and spread to the dimensions no larger than the size of an adult-size beating heart. Though most of it was near white in color. That was what mattered—to be white and pure; and Max was very close to that state. Another vehicle, this one full of children, came up the street. Karl bowed down again. He was sure no more than a handful of people had glimpsed sight of him. The few times that too much of his attention had been on baby Max and someone had seen him, he’d sensed their intention as it occurred and merely bowed out of sight. For him it was a simple and casual maneuver, yet done so fast that any beholders surely questioned their vision as they stared into an empty vehicle.

Even if they did see him, the alien knew he looked unimposing. He was a statistically average white male with a perpetually clean-shaven face, short black hair, and earnest blue eyes. Yet he was extremely thin and could move like the wind, which helped if he had to protect baby Max. This was something he was ready to do day or night.

When the car turned the corner, Karl rose, catching clear sight of Max, though he moved his head forward to let the sunlight hit his face. He liked the feel of the direct light. It helped him to imagine dying a glorious death.

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