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Max’s Story

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(Max Beckley – Uncredited picture Photoshopped by Joe)

For way too long I’ve been yakking about how I wrote two books about Max Beckley’s plight. He’s a Revolutionary War soldier who was abducted during the Battle of Brooklyn by the same demons that haunt me now.

I’m gonna share the first few chapters of the first novel. They are still a bit rough.

The working title of the book is ABDUCTED SOUL. Each novel is approximately 80,000 words.

Note that I often refer to Max’s abductors as demons on my blog, while in the books I call them aliens. I kinda think the terms are interchangeable.

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Max’s Story

Chapter One: “God is Forgiveness”

Chapter Two: “In Her Arms”

Chapter Three: “A Glorious Death”

Notes on my Max Beckley novels

Most Holy Redeemer Church in the East Village (Photos only)

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