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A Trickle of Blood

June 25, 2011 by  
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(Vampire teeth, uncredited – Photoshopped by Joe)

Forget that last post. I am not a vampire. I have never been a vampire.

A trickle of demon blood on my lips made me sick. It was from the demon runt I killed at the house on the river’s edge. Benny, “the cigar store Indian” told me I will get sick again. But I will not have to kill. I have no need for blood, though there may be complications. He didn’t say what they were.

My lady friend knows I was drunk, but there is no excuse for my walking out of the bar past her with another woman. We broke up. I haven’t told you everything, but there are other reasons for the split.

I’m living on my own, barely living that is. I haven’t gone to work. I’ve lost weight. I’m miserable.

And I will get sick again. End of post. End.

Your friend,

Joe aka Bald Punk

Your friend in blood

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