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Blinding STAR with my name shines from!

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DO NOT GO to my Amazon page for “The Virgin King!!!”

You will be blinded by the one-star next to my book. It rose days ago.

It signals not only the worst review ever, but the only one I have!

This review is so bad… it’s bury your typewriter and move to another country bad, it’s mash your fingers with a hammer so you can’t offend another living soul bad. In my case I would only have to do indexes…

This WAS my best month ever for sales and I was mulling trade paperback copies. But now that will have to wait.

So here it is:
1.0 out of 5 stars I love historical fiction but…., January 17, 2011
This review is from:
The Virgin King: A Novel
I love historical fiction and have read many wonderful pieces about this time period. I could not make heads or tails of this book. It didn’t follow any logical plan and the focus was completely missing. Not only was it out there historically, it was simply “out there” as a literary piece. I expect something like this from my students but not so much from a published author. An unfortunate waste of time and energy.

I was able to contact the reviewer and she was sweet as pie. It turns out she missed the preface, which pretty much sets up the book. She said her e-book didn’t have it… I asked her to look again and to redact her review if it makes a difference. She also said the ending kept her up one night, and that she wasn’t happy that there might have been an incestual relationship…

But in all, the reviewer couldn’t have been nicer in her email. All I can hope for is some better reviews.

It’s a real bummer though. I hate waiting for stuff, especially this because who knows how long a good review takes? It could take like–I dunno???

Joe in sunny and cold NYC

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One Response to “Blinding STAR with my name shines from!”
  1. Chippawa says:

    Hi Joe;

    Thank you for e book for the virgin king that you send me from librarything. I will read it asap and send you a review.With your astonishing effort to write a book ,certainly you deserve a full sky stars :))) I wish I could write like you did,but I certainly not as brave as you. Keep it up,good kuck

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