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Pierce Turner – “Wicklow Hills” Music Video

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 (Wicklow Hills video)

I just put up one of my novels on Amazon. It’s an e-Book titled SURFACE IN HEAVEN. The title comes from a fantastic song by Pierce Turner. I wish I could have found a version of the song to post, but for now you can enjoy Wicklow Hills.

Click here to go to Pierce Turner on iTunes.

(Piecer Turner by Muso Photo)

If you are unfamiliar with Pierce, he has loads of great cds. I would suggest you check out Now is Heaven and The Sky and the Ground. The latter cd features “Surface in Heaven.” I think my favorite song by him is “Thunderstorm.”

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2 Responses to “Pierce Turner – “Wicklow Hills” Music Video”
  1. Thanks for the plug Joe-incidentally as fas as I know Surface is available on I Tunes. Good luck with the book. Pierce

  2. Bald Punk says:

    Thanks Pierce. I added an iTunes link to the post…

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