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Notes on my next novel SURFACE IN HEAVEN

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(Latest SURFACE IN HEAVEN cover)

After reading my next novel called SURFACE IN HEAVEN that I will publish on Amazon as an e-Book, I had to redesign the cover I made two weeks ago. I wrote the book a few years back and had forgotten about the sexual subplot.

It’s sci-fi and no one needs to tell me that sex and sci-fi don’t mix. Though on this one, it was my mother that screwed me up. She drummed it into my head that “sex sells.” Obviously she never read sf. Whatever.

 (Old SiH cover)

Here is an excerpt from SURFACE IN HEAVEN. Like the book, it still needs some work.

The swath of light appeared to be like miniature galaxy flung across a pitch black sky. Yet one part, one place, burned brighter than all the rest. There was a power in its scorching rays beyond comprehension. And every last shred of his being wanted for nothing but to know its source. Something in him knew that to bask and burn in its light was to grow as never before. While he was to become something new, a source onto itself.

Yet he waited for her.


Anyway, I wrote SiH when I used to be dyslexic. Hence, I need to do some more editing. In maybe a week or so I’ll put it on Amazon.

Overall, I’m really happy with this one. It’s not perfect, but I had a ton of fun writing it.

As far as my other book on, THE VIRGIN KING, last month it sold 52 copies and should pass 100 soon. (I might have another book on there, but I can’t remember.) 

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