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New Planet or a Kuiper Belt Object?

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(A new planet in the solar system or a Kuiper belt object from BBC Science)

I grew up with nine planets and the idea that if an object has an orbit around the sun, and its own moon, then it’s a planet.

The above video explores UB313, aka planet Eris, which is the largest known dwarf planet in our Solar System. It’s bigger than Pluto, orbits the sun, and has a moon named Dysnomia.

At the very end of the video it cuts to Neil deGrasse Tyson from the Hayden Planetarium who says, “If they are made of *ice and they are out there beyond Neptune, they are Kuiper belt objects, get over it!”

Hmmm . . .

It’s clear I haven’t been reading Modern Astronomer of late. So I’m off to read up on these Kuiper belt objects. Click here to join me—>

*Pluto is 50-70% ice.

Eris is mostly ice and rock.

(Largest known Kuiper belt objects)

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