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Cover for my E-Book

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(The Virgin King E-book cover)

The above is my first try at a cover for my e-book that I will put up on in a week or so. I found a photo of young Henry VIII and made a few changes using Photoshop. I’m not satisfied, but it will do for the time being.

 <<Click here to buy THE VIRGIN KING by Joseph Fullam on >>

Update: This is my second effort:

I’ve written few books, but want to publish this one because it’s different than anything else I’ve done. Plus it was one of my first efforts and I really would like it to see the light of day. I expect only to sell a handful of copies.

Click here to read the first three chapters — > THE VIRGIN KING

(Young Henry VIII – original)

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  1. LoveIsAlienToYou says:

    Eliz with an s. Fantasyland with an h. Grand insanity. Poor writing

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