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(Chrysler Building – Photo by Joe)

I’m going to be busy this weekend, so I will update this post as I can. Though tomorrow I promise to post “To Kill A Vampire.” (Promise kept!)

For the record, I registered this domain on April 23, 2009, then put up the site and my first post the next day.

Here are the first two posts in order. I’d like to think I’ve not only came a long way since then, but have also grown as a person.

We tried!!!

Some of the highlights from the past year:

The article in THE NEW YORK TIMES last October. It was about an encounter I had in my own apartment. Click here for that – “Bald Punk and Thirsty Ghost”  Lizzy Ratner, the reporter, said she couldn’t include my url, though I still got a load of hits from people who Googled “Bald Punk the blogger.”

The links from On the day they mention my blog the link brings in more than a 1000 hits. Click here for one example: Gothamist Early Edition 

The Micheal Jackson post. It still brings in loads of hits and some of the craziest emails: I saw Michael Jackson’s Ghost in NYC

We Are Knowing. After that one, I knew I could never go back . . .

The total unique hits for the year was about 180,000. Next year the site should easily pass 300k as it now averages between 900-1100 hits per day. I’m not going to set any goals for the coming year. All I want to do is continue to have loads of fun.

There easily should be a few thousand photos here. Click here for the photos posts.

The twenty-eight episodes on the stories page. Check them out!!!

There were a total 362 posts for the year!

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