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BP’s Short Stories and Novel Excerpt

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Okay, as my readers know we’re coming up on a year online at So I’m doing a little retrospective.

If you missed it, here is some fiction I posted that was written for venues other than this site.

Short Stories

THE SOUNDS WE MAKE  – This one was written to help clear my head after DARK CHILD, which is below.

Dark Child – Some of the kids I remember most from school are the ones who were abused, humiliated, and degraded on a near daily basis. I bet some of them had it worse at home. For some reason I wanted to capture that. Writing this made me sick to my stomach. It needs some more work.

NO MORE FAIRY TALES. This story tells of a dystopian future, where getting high is a way of life for most people. It’s rated NC-17. Props to Matt Mizerek who did an amazing job with the artwork.


THE VIRGIN KING  – This is the first three chapters. The completed novel is about 85,000 words. It’s set in Tudor England in the 1600’s and stars Henry VIII and his daughter, Elizabeth I. I think I might have also adapted a screenplay and a play.

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