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Battle of Brooklyn

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(PBS special on the American Revolution – Chapter 4: “The Battle for Long Island”)

It’s pretty darn shocking how many life long New Yorkers have no idea about the Battle of Brooklyn, which back then was also referred to as Long Island. If you’re one of them, watch the videos to gain some insight.

In the first battle ever by the US Army, it was a learning experience to say the least. They were surprised in the middle of the night and wound up getting shellacked. By midday they were on the run . . . 

Plus if Washington played by the rules of warfare, when his army was defeated and cornered, he should have surrendered. Then he probably would have been executed. Instead he escaped under the cover of night with his remaining troops to Manhattan.

Check out the videos and the books at the bottom of the post.

(High school kid’s project on the battle. I’m certain he got an A+!)

<< Click here for more on the battle from Wikipedia >>

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The above is a fantastic book on the Battle of Brooklyn by John J. Gallagher. Another great one is The Battle for New York: The City at the Heart of the American Revolution by Barnet Schecter.

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