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Times Square – The Cheesy Heyday

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(Times Square of approximately the 60 and 70’s  1970/*see comments) 

The changes in Times Square over the past twenty years have been pretty miraculous. I would hate to imagine the impact it would have on the lives of New Yorkers if it was still a porn haven. The fact that MTV is on The Great White Way is bad enough.

Here are two sets of the photos I took there:

Times Square on New Years Eve morning

Times Square

(Times Square of the 1970s – uncredited)

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8 Responses to “Times Square – The Cheesy Heyday”
  1. Alex says:

    Judging from two of the ads for Broadway shows (Oh! Calcutta! and Hair) in the video, this was filmed in the warmer months of ’69, ’70, ’71, or ’72. Those were the years when both shows were running simultaneously.


    The footage is from 1970. All you do is Google the titles of the films in the marquis. SUNFLOWER, with Sophia Loren premiered in 1970.

  3. Bald Punk says:

    Thanks to you, too, Hans!

  4. Jean Marie Stine says:

    Did you take the photo (Times Square of the 1970s – uncredited). I would like to contact the phographer.

  5. Bald Punk says:


    I found the photo via a Google image search and couldn’t find the photographer.

    Sorry I can’t help.

    Joe Fullam

  6. David Farris says:

    “I would hate to imagine the impact it would have on the lives of New Yorkers if it was still a porn haven.”

    you know, an awful lot of people patronized the businesses on that strip. maybe you wouldn’t have it, but it had an impact on others that a lot of people liked, and in particular, they patronized it enough to keep it profitable and open to provide these things; they’re gone now not because interest in it waned but because the city zoned and eminent domain-ed this district out of existence.


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