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The $5 Slice at Di Fara’s Pizza

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I’ve must have had a thousand slices of pizza in my life(probably a lot more), and sampled from all five boroughs of NYC. I like a thin slice that’s crispy, but not burnt. It must have real cheese, but it doesn’t have to be “fresh” mozzarella. I’m an aficionado of plain red sauce, and always give it a mental grade. And it must have a fresh basil leaf or two.

My biggest dislike is fake cheese made from oil.

Usually, when I go into a pizzeria I will eye up the pies on the counter. My decision on whether to order a slice or not  depends on the look of it, plus how hungry I am–along with how many other food choices there are in the neighborhood.

I have my favorite pizzeria’s like Lombardi’s, Grimaldi’s, and Nunzio’s. But I have never been to Di Fara’s. I would pay the five bucks out of curiosity, but by the looks of the pie, I would be a repeat offender.

(Photo of Di Fara Pizza by the blogger know as The Ubereater)


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2 Responses to “The $5 Slice at Di Fara’s Pizza”
  1. Polska!
    Poszukuje Nunzio Grimaldi Sycylia Katania!!!!
    Przebywał w Niemczech mieszkał w KOLN ” Dzielnica KALK”
    Ostatni Raz widziałam Go w roku 2000.
    Bardzo proszę pomuc mi odnaleśc Tego człowieka Nunzio Grimaldi60lat miał dwuch synów jeden miał na imię Fabio Grimaldi.
    Powiedziano mi ze mój cudowny człowiek nie żyje trudno mi w to uwierzyc i poszukuje go od lat niemam adresu do Katani.Jest to cudowny człowiek i wielki przyjaciel.Prosze pomuc mi go odszukać. Z podziękowaniem Grazyna W KOlN prowadził Knajpę z MASSIMO. Pa Grazyna

  2. Sonny says:

    The best pizza I ever had I wait over one hour and it is worth it trust me

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