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Redesigning the Site

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(Video I took months ago)

First, the above video had 8,699 views on YouTube. I’m shocked. I took that video about a day after I bought my camera. I have to take some more videos. It’s been months since I posted one.

Now as for the site design. I’m real excited about this one because I can divide the posts between STORIES, PHOTOS, and EVERYTHING ELSE – instead of cramming it together.

Here are the music videos I made:

Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan and Beethoven video 

Dinner and a Video on the Staten Island Ferry

Peaceful NYC Waterfall Video

Chillin’ In My Backyard 4th Of July Weekend 

Here are the posts from the first/last time I changed the design in May 2009:

Thursday Night – I’m updating the design of

Sunday – Under Construction

Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

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