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Coney Island

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(Coney Island in the 1940’s)

I couldn’t find any footage from the Ric Burns documentary on Coney Island(1991). So instead I decided to put up a few related clips I found on YouTube.

But if you have a chance, check out that film. I absolutely loved it. Al Lewis, Grandpa from The Munster’s, makes an appearance. It’s worth it just for the avant-garde audio. Right now you can buy a copy on for about $10 +S/H.

These are two of my previous posts about Ric Burns’ masterpiece, New York: A Documentary Film:

New York: A Documentary Film

The Sidewalks of New York


(“Fatty” in Coney Island – 1917)

The above is a clip from a comedy starring Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle and Buster Keaton. It has some great footage of Luna Park.

(Luna Park)

Here are some of the posts I’ve put up about Coney Island.

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Ghost Breath of Coney Island

These are some Coney Island pictures I took:

Coney Island Photos

Coney Island Polar Bears – 1-1-09

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